The community will be greatly involved in the development of the game. Good suggestions will have the possibility of being added. Bug reports will be very helpful.

The price will likely increase through early access with the addition of new content.

The full version of the game will offer a much more polished experience as well as more features.

Z will likely be in early access for 2-3 years.

The majority of the goals for this project can be found on the mindmap. None of these are set in stone but it shows the majority of the goals for the project. https://mind42.com/mindmap/811a3b6e-d1b9-43d5-86b9-a790077beb4c

Currently I Jacob/CamoMano am the only person working on the game. I’ve had help from others at times but this is currently a one man project.

Z has been in development since about 11/20/2016.

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